• Ideal choice for connecting MacBook pro to a printer, scanner or external hard drive with USB 2.0 Type B interface. Plug then play easy to use.Type C Reversible Connector, connect your cable to your device in any direction.Please note this is Not for some newest USB 3.0 Micro-B printer.
  • LoongGate USB-C USB-B cable Supports Hi-Speed USB 2.0 data transfer rate up to 480 Mbps, foil & braid shielding provide maximum conductivity and minimize data loss.
  • Sturdy And Durability, Aluminum Alloy And Soft TPE Housing make it many times more durable.pure oxygen-free bare copper, foil and braid shielding that provides protection against interference from EMI/RFI signals thus enabling high performance.
  • USB type-C is a standard brand new connector for latest devices, like Macbook 12 Inch, Nokia N1 tablet, Google Pixeletc,Google Chromebook Pixel 2, Apple New MacBook, LeTV Smartphone, Kensington Digital USB USB-C Flash Drive, SanDisk Portable SSD USB C, SanDisk 32GB Flash Drive, OnePlus 2 Smartphone, HP Pavilion x2 2-in-1, HP Pro Tablet 608 etc