of this 2.1 amp plug makes traveling with your charger easier, as the top pin can fold down!

As the Type C USB is reversible, you’ll no longer have to fuss around finding the correct orientation to plug in the cable. It’s also capable of issuing out and receiving 100 watts of power (a big step up from the standard USB 2.0 which uses only 2 watts!)
With this in mind, it’s no surprise that most new Android phones have moved away from the old micro USB ports, and are mainly being created to be compatible with this Type C USB.
Due to the different design of this cable, it is not suitable to charge phones with a Micro USB port, so make sure you check what cable you need before purchasing this pack!

You may of heard a few horror stories about cheap cables found online either over heating, catching fire, or just generally malfunctioning. As we at iParts4u believe in providing top quality parts at low prices, you needn’t fear this! You can rest easy knowing that this cable and plug are fully CE approved and RoHS compliant.

If you’re in need of a new charger for your android device, this pack is perfect for you.

Certifications – CE and RoHS Compliant

Manufacturer – Core

Compatibility –  Most later model Android devices. Some (but not all!) listed below:

Later model Samsung devices (those manufactured from 2017 onwards)

Later model Sony phones (those manufactured from 2016 onwards)

Later model Huawei phones from P10 onwards