• Anti blue ray and much hardness than mormal 9H, totally protect your phone screen. Please notice this is not fully covered glass, it’s case-friendly glass which has a 1~2mm gap remained.
  • Using the top-class glass that have been tempered and deposed over 3 times, not like the cheaper one that just do once. That means you will get a harder glass 9H+ for getting your screen a heavy duty armor. Specially install with “Marval Power wallet case”.
  • The tempered glass WILL NOT FULL COVER your screen to be compatible with EVERY cell phone case, such as Spigen, outter box, lifeproof or original apple case. We high suggest to use with at lease a case for arming toe to teeth.
  • Slim and smooth, will not feel any resistance for touching the screen, also no glue and bubble left, easy install and uninstall.