Fingbox – for Network Security and Troubleshooting

Fingbox – Blocking of end devices, internet security check, alarm messages, remote monitoring, bandwidth analysis, digital fence, error analysis for Wi-Fi and internet

  • KNOW WHO’S HOME: See family members and visitors at your home and keep a tab on who’s coming and going and when.
  • SET PARENTAL CONTROLS: Detect, manage and control your kids internet access and activity time by device.
  • CATCH INTRUDERS & HACKERS: Fingbox protects your home network – seeing and controlling all devices connected or nearby — stop network phishing, snooping, and spying.
  • STOP BANDWIDTH HOGGING!: Check bandwidth usage and set limits for devices — control time-in and time-out!
  • DETECT THREATS & VULNERABILITIES: Get advance warnings on weaknesses and openings in your network — fix with 1 touch.
  • Fingbox, from the makers of Fing App, provides security and control for your connected devices and home internet set-up.
  • KEEP YOUR INTERNET SAFE & SECURE. Automatically block intruders, hackers and unknown devices before they join your network. Get open port and network vulnerability alerts. To note: Fingbox will monitor a single network. It will not monitor multiple or guest networks.
  • WATCH OVER YOUR FAMILY. Assign people to the devices on your network to know who’s home and who’s away with Fingbox Digital Presence. You can also see unknown devices near your home using Fingbox Digital Fence.
  • IMPROVE YOUR INTERNET EXPERIENCE. Automate internet service provider (ISP) speed test reports and analyze bandwidth usage by device. Schedule and pause internet access with parental control features.
  • Speedtest: Your fingbox will test and report your Internet Speed up to 6 times in every 24 hours, scheduled monthly report emailed directly to you or report on demand. You are now in control of your ISP internet bandwidth claims!