G-LAB Korp THALLIUM Gaming Headset USB Sound 7.1 Digital Surround – High Quality Audio Gamer Headset – Noise Canceling Microphone – LED RGB – PC Compatible PS4 Mac (Black)


  • IMMERSIVE SOUND 7.1 SURROUND + HIGH QUALITY AUDIO – With 7.1 Digital Surround Sound technology, Korp Thallium immerses you in total immersion in the heart of the action for an enhanced gaming experience. Equipped with exceptional sound quality and powerful bass, this headphone gamer offers a true 3D sound that will allow you to hear all the sounds at 360 ┬░. You will always have the advantage over your opponents in games like Fortnite, League of Legends, Apex or Overwatch.
  • HIGH-END MICROPHONE WITH NOISE REDUCTION – With its active noise reduction technology, Korp Thallium’s microphone filters out the surrounding noises and focuses solely on your voice. The result: a perfectly clear rendering for better communication in game. Your allies will never complain about the quality of your microphone. The remote control allows you to do everything: increase or decrease the volume of the sound, the microphone or turn on the backlight.
  • ULTRA COMFORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – Featuring memory foam cushions, this gaming headset offers ultimate comfort even for your longest gaming sessions. Korp Thallium is a real featherweight and weighs only 315g. It perfectly covers your ears for total isolation (closed helmet). You will never be bothered by outside noises. In addition to its sleek and elegant design, you will appreciate the fixed RGB backlight present on the sides of the helmet.
  • 100% CUSTOMIZABLE + MULTI-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY – Thanks to our dedicated Windows software, you will be able to customize the audio equalizer settings, the effects of microphones, volume and sound spatialization for optimal communication. Experience all the power of 7.1 Surround and adjust the source of the sound to hear more precisely all the sounds in play. Korp Thallium is compatible on PC, PS4 and Mac. Plug it in and it works instantly.