KoalaSafe Family Friendly Wireless Access Point (UK Edition)

KoalaSafe is a parental control router that lets you set internet time limits, block inappropriate apps and sites, and see analytics of where kids spend time online. It works across all devices in the home, controlled by a smartphone companion app.

  • The KoalaSafe wireless access point, when paired with the app, allows for parental controls and insights into their child’s internet usage.
  • Features Include: Setting time limits, website and app blocking, weekly usage report, internet stop button,
  • It allows for control of the settings through your smart phone
  • Allows for Plug and Play, YouTube SafeSearch, Google SafeSearch, Per Device Profiles
  • Wireless N 802.11 150M Router

Set Time Limits

Manage schedule for when your child’s internet is on

Manage Access

Block sites by category and applications by name

Track Usage

Stay informed with weekly reports

Homework Mode

Distraction free internet during homework time

Internet Stop Button

Press the red button to stop internet immediately