KooPower Portable Rechargeable Fan.


1. Using a brushless motor to ensure high performance and reliablity.

2. Intelligent control system, reliable performance, fully functional and easy to oprate.

3. Using the international standard 2200mAh lithium batteries, which can be recycled.

4. A professional portable fan with fashion design, simple appearance and firm structure.

5. Long press the Button “ON” can turn on the Blue LED Light inside.

Operating Instruction:

1. Button OFF: Power off. Button ON: Turning on and speed 1 after plgging in with USB cable or putting the battery case. Pressing once again is to change a speed, spped 1-speed 2-speed 3-LED light outsite.

2. Charging indicator: Red light when charging, green light when fully charged.


1. The indicator will flash when low battery. If you keep using it, the fan will automatically shutdown to protect the system.

2. The fan blades will rotate at high speed while working. No foreign matter is allowed into fan, otherwise , it may be badly damaged.

3. If you are not intending to use the fan for an extended period of time, please fully charge the battery and remove it from the fan, and keep it in a COOL-DRY place.

4. It is strictly prohibited to use the battery when the ambient temperature exceeds 60 degrees, and the battery can not be squeezed or disassembled. Otherwise, it will lead to environmental pollution or explosion.

5. Due to the products updates, the content of the instruction may be slightly different from the actual situation. This instruction is for reference only.


1.Fan *1

2.Battery *1

3.Charge cable *1

4.Manual *1