Recon Wireless Foldable Laser Mouse

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Worlds first 180 degree fully folding mouse

Folding Design

RECON design is inspired by the human spine and has a reconfigure-able body. RECON has more flexible choices on both the appearance and functionalities compared with normal shaped mice. A switch embedded on the RECONs keel automatically turns the device on while bending and off while straightening. This unique mechanism bends in only one direction at a time. In addition, the mouse can bend by 180 degrees while supporting your thumb and ring finger entirely.

Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity

The direct Bluetooth 4.0 connection can save one of your valuable USB ports. Nowadays Bluetooth connection is a widely diffused built in feature, so why doesn’t make the best of it? RECON is compatible with Mac OS, Microsoft-based PC’s, Android based tablets, and more.

Compact Size

Taking a mouse traveling is often difficult because of weight and size concerns. With a thickness of just 9mm RECON changes the pattern of the mouse design. RECON is flat when not in use and comfortably fits in your bag or pocket.

Battery & DPI Choices

With the built-in 400 mAh li-ion battery, RECON’s durability is fantastic. One full charge can withstand two months of use. RECONs touch scroll is sensitive and comfortable to control. In addition, RECON can switch its DPI resolution by holding the left and right buttons together for three seconds making RECON suitable for a wide range of scenarios, whether you are using it for designing, gaming or daily usage.

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Weight 159 g
Dimensions 14.2 × 11.7 × 5.6 cm

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