• Ultra-smooth Surface Designed with environmentally friendly, durable and high density materials, the mouse can be quickly moved and accurately positioned on the smooth surface.
  • 10 Lighting Modes Super Glow Fiber – Chroma customizable lighting provides a distinctive appearance , Choose from 10 lighting modes : Rainbow breathing, Red, Purple, Blue, Cyan, Green, Yellow, White, Flowing Circling Motion , Colorful Circling Motion, Turn off.
  • Anti-slip Rubber Base Glow fiber and soft cloth surface with Non-Slip rubber base can firmly grip the desktop and provide stable operation for the mouse and keyboard, effectively preventing them from sliding and moving.
  • Water Resistant Coating You don’t have to worry about the water will seep into the mouse pad when the water of the cup is spilled on the mouse pad. Delicate edges can prevent wear.
  • Wide Applicability With the size of 300 x 250 x 3mm, you can have the enough space to move your mouse freely without any obstacles. Ideal size for gaming as well as daily use. Available for all types of mouse.