Trust Wireless Touchpad Presenter for PC & Laptop – Compatible with Powerpoint and Keynote

Trust Wireless Touchpad Presenter

Want to start your presentation? Simply plug the receiver into an USB port and you can start with your presentation. The wireless receiver allows you to move freely while presenting within a range of 6 meters. When you are finished with your presentation you can easily store the receiver in the presenter.

Special PowerPoint functions

The Trust Wireless Touchpad Presenter includes various PowerPoint and slide show functions. You can easily start and stop your presentation with the presenter. It also features a next slide and previous slide button. The touchpad placed on the presenter allows you to keep using all your mouse functions. Besides this, the left and right mouse button are usable with the presenter.

Clear and convincing presentation

With the presenter you can easily give extra information, ensuring that your presentation is clear and convincing. Simply switch to a white screen and explain your subject further with the drawing function. Made a mistake while drawing? Easily adjust this with the erase function.