USB C to Dual HDMI Adapter, Type C (Thunderbolt 3) Dual Monitor Adapter Compatible with Dell XPS 13/15, Surface Book Pro and more (Windows Only, Not for Mac)

  • Dual HDMI Ports – Use Syntech USB C to dual HDMI adapter to output signal to HDMI-enabled monitors/HDTV/projectors. Extend your small screen to two external displays. Boost your work productivity and efficiency. Reliable tool for office manager, calling center supervisor and data analyst.
  • Stunning HD display – This adapter supports up to 4K@60 Hz for identical external displays and 4K@30Hz for distinct external displays. Enjoy movies and games in 4K resolution across two monitors. Please be noted the resolution will be influenced by the host device, cables, monitors and the mode you choose.
  • Multiple Modes Supported – Syntech Type C HDMI splitter is a good choice for Windows users as it supports three different modes under Windows OS. You can mirror your laptop or extend the screen to two identical or distinct external displays (AAA, ABB, ABC). Mac OS does not support Multi-screen-transport (MST) (supports AAA and ABB only). Tablets/phones can mirror one screen only.
  • Stylish and Durable – Covered by premium aluminum alloy case and engineered with the best chipset, Syntech dual HDMI converter provides a sleek and sturdy solution for extending your laptop screen. You do not have to download any drives or software. Features a plug and go design for simple usage.

Please Note:

1-Please make sure your source devices have a type c (Thunderbolt 3) port and support DisplayPort Alt Mode (Not compatible with all USB C devices). If you want to use the MST function, please make sure your video card also supports it.

2-This product does not allow to extend Macbook/Macbook Air/Macbook Pro to two different displays. If you are seeking such a product for Mac OS, you might need to turn to someone else.

3-We do not recommend you buy this adapter for HP laptops.

4-This adapter isn’t compatible with USB C female to USB male adapter.

5-If you are unsure whether your device is compatible with this adapter, we can test it out for you before your purchase.

How to set up the laptop for extended display mode?

Windows OS: 1-Right-click desktop. 2-Click Intel display settings. 3-Select display. 4-Click multi-screen display. 5-Click expand the desktop. (If the HDMI 2 output is not displayed, manually select the display). 6-Click apply to confirm. Then you can drag windows to external displays.

Mac OS: 1-Settings. 2-Displays. 3- Switch the mirror display to extend mode. Then drag one window to one external screen. Mac OS doesn’t support dual different external displays.