USB Smart Charger with Data Block x 2 (Portapow) Male to Female

This converter will allow you to charge your Apple, Android or other smartphone or tablet at high speed from any USB socket, even if the charger was not originally designed for your device. Simply plug your USB cable into one end and the other end into a USB socket. It works on the same principle as our best selling Fast Charge Micro USB and Fast Charge Apple Cables, but this handy little adapter allows you to use any good quality USB cable. Devices such as Blackberry smartphones or the Sony PS Vita do not charge from many USB chargers, this adapter fixes that.


Apple and Android devices use different specifications for high speed charging so you will find many mains chargers will charge one type of device at high speed but not the other. Some mains/car chargers now have a built in chip to automatically switch between the two standards. This adapter uses PortaPow’s SmartCharge chip to add this functionality to any normal USB charger – use one capable of at least 2 Amps (10 Watts) for best results.

Block Data

Charging from a computer would normally mean a popup appearing on your screen, slow charging and the risk of viruses/data hacking if charging from an unknown socket. Many offices also have a policy of not allowing charging from PCs. This adapter is hardwired to prevent data transfer and acts as a ‘USB Condom’, so your phone will behave just as if connected to a normal USB charger.