Ultra slim stronger glue, privacy online when using a Macbook, Macbook Pro and more. Easy to use, robust, sliding cover, in black.

  • Simple solution to protecting your privacy — keeping you and your family safe online. It’s easy to install and use, just slide across with one finger to instantly open or close the camera slider. IMPORTANT: Not compatible with Macbook 16 because the gap between the screen and keyboard is very tight when the laptop is closed.
  • Extra-strong glue — made from durable plastic, the Theel webcam privacy cover uses high-quality adhesive to ensure it stays on securely.
  • Super thin, stylish design — at 9mm x 18.5mm and just 0.7mm thickness it’s so discreet you won’t even notice the Theel webcam cover your camera. And it means you can close your computer without the laptop webcam cover getting in the way.
  • Won’t damage your camera lens — and if for any reason you decide to remove the sliding webcam cover from your device it won’t leave any marks behind just wipe clean.