In an innovative and progressive world, it’s quite common for one to spend immeasurable periods of time throughout the day interacting with cutting-edge technology in its numerous forms. Yet with all of the apparent gains of modern advancement, there’s an extensive list of unfavorable impacts as well. One of the more serious impacts is strain to the wrist and forearm caused by usage of the common computer mouse which requires one to rotate their forearm from its neutral “handshake” position to a twisted, harmful and uncomfortable position. Introducing the Ergonomic Vertical Wired Mouse by Sharkk, it’s design is scientifically proven to reduce your muscle strain and enhance your comfort by allowing the wrist and arm to remain in their natural position. This mouse will surely reduce your pain and strain associated with those many office-work hours! With this brilliant one piece ergonomic solution, never again will you fret over a wireless mouse, whose USB port adapter can be easily misplaced. Do away with the time wasted over the constant quest for appropriate batteries, and experience how swiftly, how reassuringly, this Ergonomic Vertical Wired Mouse can transform your world!

Scientific Ergonomic Design

The Sharkk Ergonomic Vertical Wired Mouse provides healthy neutral forearms positions, enhances comfort, and minimizes strain.

Portability and Ease

With its sleek and polished design, this mouse is compact and easily portable, with wired convenience.

Advanced Features

Equipped with all of the latest mouse features including adjustable DPI settings, an advanced optical sensor, and improved accuracy.