Y88X For Kids Dragon Touch 7” Multi-Touch Tablet

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This Y88X For Kids Dragon Touch 7” Multi-Touch Tablet is now available at IT Matters in Jersey and online at our website www.itmatters.je

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Only compatible with the following 7″ tablets:

Alldaymall A88X 7″/ Alldaymall 7 Inch

Afunta 7-Inch Allwinner A13 A33 Q88, Afunta Q88 III 7 inch Tablet

AGPtek 7 inch 2014 New 4.2 Dual Core Tablet

BTC Flame 7 inch Tablet


Condroid 7″ GMS /Condroid X7

Contixo LA703 7″ Tablet PC

DanCoTek 7″ Quad Core A33

DeerBrook 7″ A23

Dragon Touch 7″ Y88X Plus / Y88X / Y88, A13, Q88, Y88X Plus

FastTouch(TM) 7 inch Android Tablet

FONESO Ultrathin 7″(HH017 A23 & HH088 A33)

Gooweel Q8hd 7″ A33

Haehne 7 Inch Allwinner A33 M7404/M7409/M7412

iROLA DX758 Tablet PC

iRulu: iRulu 7 inch/iRulu 4Th Generation Q8 7″, IRULU eXpro Mini 7″, IRULU X1a 7″ Tablet A33,

iRulu X1s HD TFT Display 7 inch, iRulu 7 inch X7/ New eXpro X1 7

JYJ 7 Inch Android Google Tablet PC 4.2.2 8GB 512MB DDR3 A2 (Not fits JYJ M7202)

JINYJIA 7 Inch Android Google Tablet PC

Kocaso: M752WH 7 In 4 GB Tablet, M752SL 7 In 4 GB Tablet, M752BL 7 In 8 GB Tablet, M752 7in

Android 4.0

Lalbay 7 inch Android Tablet


Leliktec 7″ inch A13

Matricom Tab Nero 7″, Matricom G-Tab Nero CX2

Megafeis M700

NeuTab N7/ N7 Pro 7″(Does Not Fit NeuTab I7/ X7 7″), NeuTab N7S Pro 7

Nationite QX7 7.0 Tablet

Noria Jr,T2

Omgar 7 inch 16GB Tablet PC

Osgar Ultrathin 7 inch

OPERO 7″ Tablet

Portworld 7-Inch Allwinner A13 Q88

ProntoTec 7″ Y88 /ProntoTec Axius Series Q9/Q9S 7 Inch

Pugo Top P7 Tablet 7 Inch

Rotor 7″ A9

Simbans 7 Inch S71P, Simbans 7 Inch S71B, Simbans 7 Inch S71R, Simbans S73R 7 Inch, Simbans

S73P 7 Inch Tablet Tagital T7X 7″

Toosell Allwinner A33 7″

Tonor 7 inch Tablet

Trimeo TM 7″ Quad Core 8GB 2015 Model, Trimeo Duo 7 inch Bluetooth Tablet PC

Vuru T2 7″/ Vuru JR. 8GB 7″ Tablet

Weize 7″ A13

Yuntab 7″ Q88, 8GB Y88 Allwinner A33 7 Inch Tablet PC

Zeepad 7.0 (Not Fits Zeepad 7A20 or 7XN)


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Weight 295 g
Dimensions 22.6 × 2 × 21.3 cm

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