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You’ve probably heard about 3D printing on TV. Well, now it’s arrived at IT Matters in the form of a state-of-the-art Commercial WitBox 2 3D printer with Cura rendering software.

Ranked one of the top five printers in the world, the WitBox 2 3D is renowned for delivering high-quality results, at an affordable price – perfect for educational environments, design houses, architects and planning organisations. We also print for the general public, including school kids, hobby and sports enthusiasts and businesses.

IT Matters offers different density models. The higher the density, the more material gets used, so the finished article becomes more solid and robust. Most printed models have a density of 25%, but racing drones can be up to 75% as they have to survive colliding and hitting the ground at speed.

What sort of things can I have 3D printed?

Virtually anything!

Simple 3D printed household objects could include toothbrush holders, key rings, logos, customised pet bowls and decorations for Christmas, anniversaries or birthdays.

We also print more complex models, such as prototypes for personalised racing drones, replacement parts for everything, from yachts to IT hardware, new inventions and beyond!

How do I get started?

There are millions of 3D files on the web, and they’re easy to download. We can take those files and print, as either a one-off or in bulk.

There are also websites which feature complete models. We can buy these for you, as part of the package, then 3D print from the model once it arrives.We can also put you in touch with designers who will work with you to produce a model that we can then 3D print. And, of course, you’re always welcome to come in with your own designs or electronic files.

3D printing at a glance

3D printing creates three-dimensional objects by forming layers of material, under computer control. The objects can be of almost any shape or geometry, depending on the digital model data or other electronic data source. We can 3D print in a whole range of materials including nylon, ABS, resin, stainless steel, gold and silver, titanium, ceramics, gypsum and even hemp and wood!

If you’re interested in any aspect of 3D printing and design, give us a call and we could arrange to meet in The Lounge for a chat.

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