Never get hacked off!

Many people have their personal details stolen by criminals.

These ‘hackers’ can access anything on unprotected or poorly protected computers, including bank details, passwords, personal and business files, photos and videos.

When these people have your details, you can also get inundated with fraudulent phone calls and emails. Their purpose is, usually, to get you to part with money or hand over your bank or credit card details.

Preventing hacking or dealing with a computer that’s already been hacked, needs specialist knowledge and experience, and you can trust IT Matters to come up with an effective solution.

Once you have been infiltrated, it doesn’t matter how many anti-virus systems you put in place after the hack, the ways the hackers gained entry (backdoors) may still be in place. We can recover your data and will create a new, fresh install without any backdoors.

Dealing with the Ransomware threat

Ransomware is a complex, advanced cyber threat, which uses all the tricks in the book. It makes cyber criminals a huge amount of money. We’re talking millions! The cyber security community agrees that ransomware is, currently, the most prominent cyber threat in the world.

Here’s how it works.

Ransomware blocks access to your computer in a variety of different ways, then demands payment to provide you with a ‘key’ to unlock the blocked content.

Usually, the ransom payment has a time-limit, and going over the deadline means the ransom amount will increase, or your data will be destroyed and lost forever. These cyber-criminals are ruthless!

The ransomware can also spread to other PCs connected in a local network, creating further damage.

But help is at hand. If you’re suffering, or have suffered, a ransomware attack, the experts at IT Matters can help recover your data and provide you with appropriate protection for the future. If you have any concerns about hacking, fraud recovery, prevention methods or ransomware attacks, give us a call and we’ll deal with the problem, immediately.

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